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Sunday, 16 Jun 2024
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WICOM: research and development is the foundation of our company


In it's 26-year-old history, WICOM has always orientated itself according to the market. Both original paths of development – the research on the one hand, and the computer technology with its own program development on the other hand – have been preserved and enhanced over the years. The name WICOM combines research and computer applications.


Our programs for merchandise management, proposal management and CRM systems were developed long before other programs reached the market. Our second business area developed and improved laboratory devices to satisfy the market. The device for DNA synthesis was certainly a milestone achievement.

Two business areas, the program development for companies from the laboratory industry and the subsequent manufacture of products and services for separation technology, were combined to an entity that to this day still represents WICOM's core business.


Strong growing dependances were established with subsidiary companies in Switzerland, Canada, Poland and India.


WICOM operates with extremely high automation, relying on automatic, bar-code-guided high-bay-warehouse-systems. A great number of developments were executed with partners such as Bayer Healthcare and acquired with proprietary rights. New products, especially for filtration are constantly being developed and brought to the market.


Innate research and development brought the know-how for production to perfection. WICOM is capable of producing the thinnest glass tubes in the world. These are thinner than a human hair, yet up to 1,5 kilometers long.


The DIN ISO 9001ff certified company WICOM Germany GmbH has 15 employees at its facility in Heppenheim and generates a business volume of about 5 mil. €.


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