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Tuesday, 23 Jul 2024
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Welcome to my website!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
thank you very much for your interest in my person and the things I want to develop.

Apart from my family my main interest lies in my company WICOM Germany GmbH, which I have been running and shaping for 26 years, as well as the honorary office that is becoming more and more important in Germany and really needs to reach a more significant reputation.


Those who are looking for more information will find something personal, something occupational and something I dearly care about on my website. My personal life is something I have to take care of alone, but I invite you to visit my company if you are looking for corresponding products or services.


As for the part I care about, please help out wherever you can. I'm more than willing to assist you. Just talk to me or send me an email. You can find more about me and my business development in my curriculum vitae.


I hope you'll find plenty of incitations at my site!
Best Regards, Dr. Brian Fera


PDF curriculum vitae (DE) | PDF curriculum vitae (EN) | PDF curriculum vitae (AM)